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     Okay, first off what is Masking?

     Masking is taking two textures and making it so you can place part of one texture over the top of another texture, but only in places you want it to be.

     Why would you need that?

     Lets say that you have a red ball that you want to place a Green dot on, but the person that released the red ball owns the color red and you cant release a texture using their red without getting into trouble, but you really want the green dot on the ball.

     Here's what you do...

Step 1 - Make the Mask.

     First off here is the original red texture that is copyrighted:

     What you need to do is make a texture that had your green dot on it like this:

     The purple color around it doesn't matter as it wont be seen in the end.

     Next you make what is called a Mask. The mask is basically a picture that tells Poser where your pic is and where the area is you want your picture to show and where you want the original to show. So you make the area that you want your picture to show white (which is basically ON) and the rest of the picture black (which is OFF), like this:

Step 1 - Use the Mask.

     Next you open Poser and load the model of the red ball.

     Go to the Material Room and go to the 'Object: Red Ball' and the 'Material: Body' or what ever Material you are wanting to effect. Click on the tab at the top of the Material room labeled 'Advanced'. What you should see is something similar to this: (ignore all but the Diffuse and the Image Map node plugged into it).

Click to Enlarge

     First thing we need to do is open 3 more nodes of our own. To do this you right click on an empty space and a promt will come up which asks: "New Node". Click on that and you will get a bunch of options. We want "Math" and then "Blender".

     The Blender node has three options on it. We will only be changing the numbered field labeled "Blending". Make it 1.

     Next open two more 'Image Map' nodes under New Node/2D Textures/Image_Map.

     In the first Image Map node, click on Image_Source and make that your texture with the green dot.

     In the second Image Map Node make that your Mask.

     To put it all together Plug the blender Node into the Diffuse. That will unplug the original texture that was there to start with, which is fine since it will be plugged into the top plug of the Blender Node.

     Your Green Dot texture will be plugged into the second plug in the Blender Node.

     And oyour Mask will be plugged into the Blending field of the Blender node.

     It should look like this once you plug everything in.

Click to Enlarge

     Notice the image at the bottom on the Left. Your green dot is now on the red Copyrighted texture.

     Quick Note! If you look at the figure in the Preview mode it wont show the combined images until you actually render it, which can be scary the first few times as you think it didn't work unless you rendered it.

     When you release the Pose file you release your two new textures (the Green Dot, and the Mask) but not the original copyrighted texture.

     So when the pose is applied to the Ball it will look for the Original Red Texture where the original author put it and will find your two new textures where you put it and then Poser will combine them to make a new texture without anyone having a problem since nothing was redistributed.

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Click here to E-mail me questions, comments or suggestions.

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